National Non-Profit Changes To Educating The Leaders of Today

LONDON, ON — Twelve Canada, the elusive animal that is most commonly known for bringing out the best in localized nonprofits across Canada has decided to do something strangely energizing and fresh in an industry more commonly known for slow movements. The group, led by Zach Anderson and Marc Langlois Ph.D. is moving into community education focusing on evaluative thinking principles. The group is optimistic that decades of research, programs, and projects will allow everyday citizens, workers, and community leader to think differently and be more open-minded in their communities that they live and work in.

This, however, is easier said than done and is a continual problem in London, and cities across the country. Local charity, Twelve Canada is eying to help ease the ability for young people (and those who are young at heart) to learn and build off of the skills required to be successful community innovators and change makers while obtaining real-world experience in the process. The program, dubbed academy 12 ran by lead developmental change maker, Marc Langlois will work with participants to develop evaluative and leadership change skills that are applicable in everyday work life. “There is no better way to develop your leadership skills than during a live opportunity in field blended with a regular rhythm of study and reflection.”

The program, currently in development will look to expose students of any age to new opportunities within their community and will work alongside the current Twelve Canada resources and partners in order to facilitate a successful first cohort. Having said this, the group is currently looking for partners to help grow their portfolio of placement and financial partners for the program to reach optimal success. “Organizations, especially social-minded ones, are moving more and more towards project-based initiatives. These complex, often short-term social change projects require leadership that thinks critically, responds to the community, and is armed with the most up to date and field-tested methods. We have decided to focus intently on the people who are drawn to the core of these leadership teams, invest our energy there and invite others to join us in that investment” said Anderson.

“Overall, the goal of Twelve is pivoting into an educational powerhouse in a city filled with some of the best practical and theoretical colleges and universities in the province. We want to help find and retain the best people to lead social change projects and be better able to lead successfully into the future.” said Anderson.

About Twelve Canada 

Our mission is to strengthen the leadership teams of social change interventions by facilitating evaluations designed to grow the communities that they live, work and play in. We work alongside community leaders by strategically placing evaluators within the heart of your organization to help you refine your goals and deliverables and overachieve on expectations. At the heart of Twelve, we are a group of thought leaders who are looking to help redefine the way we learn from one another and develop tools and resources to help build off of current and past projects. Our vision is to have a wealth of leadership teams renewing community life through social change interventions across the country. Additionally, our mission is to strengthen the leadership teams of projects that renew community life through compelling social change.
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